The Blessing of Christmas

Christmas is a much-anticipated time of the year. It is a festive time for everyone. The Christmas season is filled with joy as people around the world turn their thoughts toward others and in a spirit of giving reach out to people whom they know and some that are un-known. It is a season embraced by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Christmas is one of the two major holidays celebrated by the Christian faith. It is the celebration of the arrival of Jesus into our history. He is the fulfillment of Yahweh’s promise to Abraham. He is the long awaited anointed one of the Jewish nation. Jesus is the fulfillment of the promise, the prophecies, the blessings, the amazing grace of Yahweh. It is through a belief and faith in Jesus’ sacrificial death on behalf of everyone generating a repentant heart, that a person finds forgiveness and freedom from their sins and eternal life having been reconciled to Yahweh by the blood of Jesus. O’ the blessings of grace of Yahweh, which are revealed in Jesus.

We talk a lot about Yahweh and His blessings, how good He is, that He is good all the time, but is this just church talk? Is talking of Yahweh’s great blessings reserved exclusively for Sunday services. There is a lot of talk of His goodness in Sunday School or at prayer meeting service. Yet these are places we are expected to talk about our Jesus, our love for Him, that He is our friend, and how much He means to us. Sadly, after the amen of the service is proclaimed, we tend to talk about Him as an afterthought.

The question is WHY? Can a born-again believer separate their life with Jesus and their life in the world? Are there appropriate and inappropriate times to talk about Jesus. The answer is NO! Any time is appropriate to talk about Jesus and what He means to our life. A relationship in which the fellowship is divided is a broken relationship. If I talked, or did not talk, about my wife the way those who love Jesus talk about Him, then she would think something was wrong. To call her my best friend, soul mate, life companion, but to never converse with her or to enjoy spending time with her would be a contradiction. Jesus would call it hypocritical. To say we love someone, yet never talk about him or her in an affectionate, loving way is unbelievable.

Also, to constantly mention our problems, trials, and troubles almost to the exclusion of any blessings we might think of, shows others that our minds and hearts are preoccupied with things of this world and not our fellowship with Jesus. Our “prayer requests” by far outweigh our mentioned praises.

There is a Gospel song entitled: I’m Blessed, Better Than Blessed which I came across recently. Though I do not know the tune, I can imagine the song sung soulfully as I read the lyrics. I would like to share how I am blessed, in hopes that it will stir you to count your blessings daily, naming them one by one so that we praise God more than ask Him, so that we thank Him more than question Him. Here goes…

God is good to me [Psalm 73:28]. I do not deserve [Galatians 1:15] it, but He is faithfully good to me each day [Lamentations 3:22-23]. My needs are met each day and I have more than I need [Matthew 6:33]. I am so, so blessed [1 Corinthians 2:9]. My family is so, so blessed. Each one loves the Lord and strives [Proverbs 3:5-6] to live right each day [Micah 6:8], to please Him [2 Corinthians 5:9], not me, not others, but to please Jesus. What a blessing! I am not bragging [Jeremiah 9:24], but just praising Him for His blessings and grace [Psalm 84:4] which are unearned but freely given to those who love and follow Him [Romans 8:28]. I may change, thus affecting the flow of the blessings, but He never changes and can always bless us and He wants to bless us [James 1:16]. We struggle with our faithfulness to Him and that is where another one of His blessings comes [1 Corinthians 2:12], which is the Holy Spirit who indwells each and every believer [Colossians 1:27]. He is the one who guides us into all righteousness [John 16:12]. He is the one who encourages and challenges us [2 Corinthians 1:3-4] to live a holy life [1 Peter 1:16]. It is His power [Zechariah 4:6] which sustains and moves us to obtain Christlikeness [Romans 8:29]. The life of faith is more than a onetime salvation experience. It is a moment-by-moment daily sanctification experience. All we need to accomplish this life of faith, He has given to us already [2 Peter 1:3]. We just need to put it to use and quit messing around [Luke 3:8].

Jesus came to earth and became our sin on our behalf [2 Corinthians 5:21]. This is the blessing of the Christmas season. This is our rejoicing in His birth. His grace is indeed sufficient [2 Corinthians 12:9]. Be blessed today as you live the life of holiness, completeness, and righteousness in Jesus Christ our Lord, our Savior, our Friend.

When our focus is on the world and not our Holy God, then our morality becomes the words we speak and not the lives we live.

"This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far away from Me. But in vain do they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.” Matthew 15:8-9 [NAS]

Focus on Jesus in every season of time and life.

Bro. Hugh Folds

Interim Pastor

Matthew 6:33

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