God did not create man to live separated from Him. God created man as someone to whom He could reveal Himself in a relationship of mutual love and care. Yet man chose to separate himself from God by living the life God gave to him on his own terms [Genesis 1-3]. The problems caused by man’s sin have multiplied over the years to affect all of creation [Romans 8:20-22]. To return man to a right relationship with Him, God offers forgiveness and salvation through faith in His son, Jesus the Christ, and the sacrifice of His life for mankind [2 Corinthians 5:18].

A person who returns his life to the benevolent care of God, through faith in Jesus, is forgiven of his rebellion against God and is restored into a right relationship with Him [Colossians 1:22]. In an effort to reach all mankind with the good news of God’s grace, God calls on all Christians to be witnesses of His love and mercy. They show this to others by their humble submission and obedience to His will [Acts 1:8, 2 Corinthians 5:18].

The call for all Christians is to be a disciple of Jesus and to become disciplers of other Christians [Matthew 28:18-20]. Christians are not saved to only sit around and enjoy the benefits of God’s benevolent grace [John 15:8, Ephesians 2:10]. The Great Commission calls for us to disciple and teach others so that they can obey Jesus in every way. We should never pat ourselves on the back for a convert who walks the aisle of a church and is baptized only to watch him wither for lack of guidance and instruction that would lead him to know and understand God better [Matthew 23:15].

A Christian is fulfilled in his life with Jesus only when he has grown into the discipler phase of the Christian life [Acts 20:24]. It is the ultimate ministry of a Christian to pass on lessons he has learned through his walk of faith to another Christian and to lovingly help that person grow to become a discipler of other Christians [Colossians 1:28-29].

Paul in his second letter to Timothy describes it thoroughly in chapter four. As we examine the first eight verses of the chapter we first see that Christians are accountable to God to become disciples. He saved us and commissioned us to service. We will answer to Him and no one else for our service [2 Timothy 4:1].

Next, we see that our life’s ministry is to proclaim the Gospel in love and mercy anytime, anywhere, and to anyone, whenever the opportunity arises [2 Timothy 4:2]. There is urgency to our calling. Time is of the utmost concern since not all people will respond. People become set in their beliefs and ways as they grow older. Also, living the Christian life and sharing your faith often rubs others the wrong way. Since it is not always comfortable to live for God in our society, most Christians begin to blend in out of fear of rejection [2 Timothy 4:3-4].

Paul encourages Christians to be alert and not to become lackadaisical in their lives. They are to work diligently at their ministry assignments, completing them faithfully [2 Timothy 4:5]. They are to be remembered as Christians who faithfully lived a selfless life with no regrets when they stand before their creator and savior Jesus Christ [2 Timothy 4:6-7]. On that day they will be rewarded for a job well done by enjoying the presence and approval of Jesus Himself [2 Timothy 4:8].

Christians are only fulfilled in life as they faithfully yield to God’s will and to His desires for them. They are successful when they faithfully complete their lives and experience the pleasure of their Lord.

Hugh Folds

Minister of Education and Youth


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