The Spirit of Revival

Revival in America today is a scheduled time for special meetings. These meetings are generally anywhere from three nights to one week long. Special speakers and musicians are secured and paid. Hotel rooms are reserved and meals are scheduled. Revivals have become very expensive.

An overall theme is chosen with sub-themes for each night which are promoted throughout the community. Cottage prayer meetings are held with hopes that Yahweh will answer our pleas while we fellowship and eat together. If these meetings are scheduled on our refrigerator calendar, we will try to make these extra services. They are evangelistic services where believers are encouraged to bring the lost so that they can get saved. Revivals have become very busy.

Revival in times past was a time of hungering and seeking Yahweh which grew out of a burdened heart and prayer. Revival was free for the asking and involved only the activity of meeting with Yahweh. It involved an unlimited time of prayer, preaching, and the prostrating of souls before Yahweh. People sought Yahweh as if everything depended on His breaking through into their lives.

The spirit of revival is one of humility. We are taught from our youth to have pride in ourselves and our lives, but this only leads us into disappointment and failure [Proverbs 16:18]. The exalting of self is opposed by God [James 4:6] and thwarts His desires of grace and blessings for people. Only through a humble spirit will a person find favor with God [James 4:6]. God is considerate of those with a humble heart [Psalm 51:17] drawing them close to Himself [Psalm 34:18] and blessing them [Matthew 5:3].

The spirit of revival is one of repentance. When we operate out of a prideful heart [Deuteronomy 10:16] we reveal a stubborn [Deuteronomy 9:13] and obstinate [Exodus 32:9] nature. Operating from prideful, stubborn hearts, people become ridged and unmovable. We are unwilling to acknowledge any of our short comings. Though we think we are exhibiting strong character, in reality we are setting a bad example [2 Chronicles 30:8]. This stubborn characteristic resists God [Acts 7:51] and invokes His wrath [Exodus 33:3, 5] placing men in need [2 Peter 3:9] of God’s mercy and grace [Exodus 34:9]. In revival we find that Yahweh works in our lives to produce a repentant heart [2 Corinthians 7:9-10]. Out of His love and kind nature [Romans 2:4] He gives to us a desire to turn our character and lives to Him [2 Timothy 2:25]. A repentant heart brings about changes in our lives [Acts 11:18] which in turn evidences itself through our lives [Acts 26:20].

The spirit of revival is one of prayer. Too many times we find ourselves seeking out people with which we can share our thoughts and disappointments [Numbers 16:41]. This usually turns into a gripe session [Deuteronomy 29:18]. We complain as we vent our frustrations with how things are and how they are going. This promotes disunity and conflict among believers [Acts 6:1]. Also our discontentment is really directed toward Yahweh Himself [Numbers 12:1]. We are admonished to seek for Yahweh Himself [Isaiah 55:6] for it is He alone who can provide the needed help [Isaiah 49:8]. For life [Amos 5:6], blessings [Leviticus 20:24], and lasting gifts [James 1:17] come from Him alone.

The spirit of revival is one of Yahweh Himself. Many times we become wrapped up in the opinions, agendas, and beliefs of others. We trust what the professionals and scholars have to say on this subject of revival. Statistics and business models seem to show the way to success, but what is success in the spiritual world [Isaiah 30:1]? If we truly want to have a time of refreshing from Yahweh, a time of renewed Spirit, then we must seek Him. We must trust Him [Proverbs 3:5-6] as we learn to, by faith [Jeremiah 17:5-8], lean on His mighty arms [2 Chronicles 32:8].

The spirit of revival originates from and is fleshed out in born-again believers who are burdened for this renewal from Yahweh [Acts 3:19]. They humble themselves to His Spirit so that He might lift them up [1 Peter 5:6]. Hudson Taylor put it best, ‘You must go forward on your knees’. Let us bend our knees, bow our heads, and seek Yahweh with all our hearts [Jeremiah 29:13].

Hugh Folds

Interim Pastor

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