Needed Light

At my age this is something I ask myself over and over again. It seems that I am at the age where more light helps me see things better. I can be working on a car or in the yard around dusk and the shadows hide so much. If I can just get a little light on the subject and chase those shadows away, then I can finish my work with less frustration. It’s not just me. I notice others saying the same thing. Please, may I have a little more light? It has been referred to as the dimming of the eyes. They just don’t discern details like they use too. Life seems so much better in the light.

God refers to His Word as a lamp that lights the pathway of life (Ps.119:105). It’s like having a flashlight I can shine on the ground as I walk along. It lets me know where I am stepping. Using it I can walk safely along without fear of stumbling. I need a spiritual flashlight to guide me as I walk through life. Without it I would be lost in shadows and uncertainty. I would veer off the road and out of God’s will.

There are certain things needed in order for me to benefit from the use of a flashlight. First, I need to make certain I have batteries installed and that they are the right kind. Without the right kind of batteries the flashlight will not work. There will be no power going to the bulb to generate the light. We all know that if a flashlight uses D- size batteries it will not work with C-sized batteries, nor will it work with any other size battery except D. There are also certain things needed for me to benefit from the light of God’s Word. If I want my spiritual flashlight to work and provide me with the proper guidance then I need to supply the proper power. My intellect will not work; my emotion will not work; psychology will not work; other religious ways of looking at my life will not work. The only power source which will work with God’s Word is the one God provided. The only power source which will produce the illumination I need is the Holy Spirit of God. Like the flashlight batteries, the Holy Spirit unleashes the power of God’s Word. Without the Holy Spirit opening my eyes and unstopping my ears I could not understand what God is saying to me through the Bible. The Holy Spirit began His work of illumination in my life before I knew God. It began with interest and questions about God and the Bible. It led me to answers about God, myself, and life. It was through this illumination that I realized my disobedience toward God. My need for forgiveness and change became apparent and I turned from my life of rebellion against God to a life of submission to God. The Holy Spirit’s work of illuminating power is not over yet. As I read God’s Word, He is constantly pointing out things that I need to learn or change in my life. It is through the reading of the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s direction that I am changed into the person God wants me to become. It’s an ongoing process which God refers to as sanctification.

Since I need a flashlight to help me see and it has the right kind of batteries, then light is available to me. There is only one other thing I need to have the illumination I need. I must pick up the flashlight and turn it on. Until I do that, the flashlight is useless to me. I will stumble all over the place, hurting myself and possibly others in the process. Spiritually I need God’s Word to light my way or I will be mislead about circumstances in my life and I will begin to make wrong decisions. I will become frustrated and walk down life’s path depressed and confused. I need God’s Word to make good decisions. I need it to stay on the path of godliness, righteousness, justice, love, and mercy. I must hide it in my heart so that my way through life will be bright as it guides my steps and catches the attention of others who need God’s light also (Ps.199:11).

Pick up God’s Word, apply it to your life, and stop stumbling all over the place.

Hugh Folds

Minister of Education and Youth

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