God's Power

God’s power serves and carries out His will. His power doesn’t result from magic, fate, “stars,” chance, coincidence, rituals, or incantations. Think about this – if our God had a will, but no power to carry out that will, how would that affect your life, especially your prayers? If He had power, but no will to direct that power, what would happen? Chaos! God’s power exists because God exists! It is an essential part of His nature. Just as His power serves His will, so must we. Therefore only obedience to His will leads to a successful relationship with Him.

Holiness is the inner energy of God’s power. Holiness is at the very core of God’s being. Therefore, anything He does must be holy. In other words, God’s child does not have anything to fear from God’s power. The effect that God’s power has toward His creation is grace and judgment. Because His power has holiness at its “core”, the effect must be grace, especially toward His children, and judgment to those that oppose His power.

Isaiah 66:2 states “…to this one will I look, to him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.” If God had not chosen to reveal Himself, we would not know Him. God chose [it was His will] to reveal Himself through His Word, the Bible. We, as His creation, could easily get the wrong idea about Who and What He is from observing His power. Some people become side-tracked by looking only at His power. For example, some people have built their entire ministries around God’s power to heal and others around His power to cast out demons.

A false god would want people to be afraid of his power because that keeps control in his hands. Our God is not “threatened’ by anyone or anything. A God this powerful doesn’t have an identity crises; He knows Who He is. The question becomes: Do you? Do you have a false image of God built up in your mind because you haven’t come to know Him through the study of His Word?

Do you tremble with anticipation because you know that He’s going to speak to you when you open His Word?

Do you tremble with joy because you know you will receive a promise to meet your need?

Do you tremble with love because He chose you to be His child?

Do you tremble with reverential awe, a healthy fear, because this powerful God wants to have fellowship with you?

Hope Folds

A lesson taken from God Speaks Through the Bible

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