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“Family Worship increases the spirit of reverence for God and His Word. Children copy their parents’ spirit and example. If parents begin the day by invoking God’s blessing, by consecrating the early hour to His service, they show their estimate of the value of worship. If business, society, wealth, and pleasure are deferred for worship, the youth feels that the claims of Deity are above all other claims. Parents thus show that they can do nothing rightly without the Divine blessing, and that Divine approval is far more precious that the approval of men.” – M. Simpson (1882)

In our hurried world today these words are still true. Our children are seeking to commit their lives to someone or something. So much of the world is vying for their committed lives. Their belief in Jesus needs to be a deep life commitment if it is to resist this pull from the world. It must be more than church meetings on Sunday morning to endure throughout their lives. They are looking for examples. They are checking the reality of other’s commitments. As parent’s they are really checking our life commitment to Jesus. In order to be the example of Jesus our children need, we as parents must daily meet with Him in our private devotions. We must daily walk and talk like Him in every situation. We must admit failures and strive not to make them again. But parents must instill family devotions into family life. It must be a natural part of everyday we live. Family devotions are important to the spiritual growth of our children and our families as a whole. It would do much to stop domestic violence and divorce among our Christian families. It would do much to stabilize our homes and set our children on a Godly course in their lives. Because setting a Godly, worshipful example for our families has eternal results it is the greatest need our children have, and the greatest responsibility of a parent.

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