“A world view devoid of God is a world view devoid of life!”

Our world view is how we perceive, relate to and find our being in our world. It is what we believe and why we believe it. This view includes everything from the “how” to the “why” of our existence and the existence of the world in which we live. This information becomes the compass and heading by which we set our sails on the adventure we call life.

There are two basic starting points to a person’s world view. One is that of science which is shrouded in the theory of evolution. It begins with a “Big Bang” and follows a scientific “factual” trail of circular reasoning through time to the present. This may provide a scientific “how” to our world view [though we must realize we are not evolving, but devolving according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the Law of Entropy], but it is inadequate in providing a scientific “why” to our world view. Therefore in accepting this world view, we must begin with science and end up with self-speculation. The other starting point begins with intelligent design, or a creator god, who sets everything in motion, providing the “how” as well as the “why” of our existence. Personally, I prefer the starting point which offers me the “how” and the “why”, since I don’t dare trust self-speculation which is often fluctuating and moody. Trusting myself would obviously produce a world view which changes as often as the temperature, and we all know how uncomfortable that can be at times!

Upon realizing that science can’t answer every question, and we are totally inadequate within ourselves to answer them, we must accept the beginning point which includes a higher intelligent being [Oh, it’s ok, we can say the name . . . God.]. Though we have moved along the path to understanding, we now are faced with the question of, “Which god to believe?” There are so many to choose from that it’s like going to the mall looking for new socks. Most people would say they want a loving, good, caring, benevolent god. Also, since we have already established that we change from day to day like the wind, we would need a god who could and would take care of everything in our lives. We need nothing left to ourselves. With this short but inclusive qualification list, we are left with one choice. The God of the Bible alone fits this ideal. If we limit our view to the God of Judaism in the Old Testament we get a complete view of God, but one which is limited until the revelation of God through Jesus Christ. We must include the God of Christianity Who is found in the pages of the New Testament. This is the fully revealed God of the Bible.

The God of the Bible is ultimately revealed through His Son Jesus Christ, described as Love, Light, and Life. The love reveals His good and caring personality. The light reveals His benevolent guidance and provision. The life reveals His relationship with His creation. That is the “why” that science can’t answer. We are not purposeless matter, but created creatures filled with life from God Himself. A world view which leaves out the Christian God is a world view of death for it offers only death, and that is the opposite of God-given life.

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